Not hot air, reality star responds to critics of her fart in a jar business

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You can’t take the wind out of her sails.

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Reality star Stephanie Matto, of 90 Day Fiance , is blasting back at critics of her fart in a jar business.

The 31-year-old responded to someone who direct messaged her and called her a “disgrace to women who work hard to prove their worth and fight for their equality.”

She said on Instagram Stories:  “This is the type of reaction from people that inspired me to create my platform @Unfiltrdofficial!” That was a reference to her business which she uses to promote her windy jars.

“Women bash other women for living their lives on their own terms. We should all accept one another’s personal choices and freedoms!! Not everyone has to take the same path or live by the same rules,” Matto said.

“I harmed no one with my fun little business. And in these somewhat dark times, we all could use a laugh! People who are so bitter and take these things so seriously, I see you, and I stand by your ability to voice your opinion.”

Matto has said she made close to $100,000 from the business.


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