Man allegedly swindled out of over $1 million by psychic: lawsuit

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A Brooklyn man has gone to court alleging that he was swindled by a psychic who promised to find him a soul mate and rid his life of “dark spirits.”

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William Young alleged in a lawsuit filed Sunday that a Manhattan psychic cheated him out of more than $1.2 million — (US)$1 million — reported the New York Daily News.

Young, who is bipolar and suffers from depression, said in the suit that he met psychic Shaina Samiel in May 2021 at her workspace, while he was employed next door at a now-closed gay bar.

“Samiel told Young that his family was cursed by dark spirits and blamed them for his mental health difficulties,” said the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“She claimed that the dark spirits were very strong and that so long as they were there, Young would not be able to find love or happiness or have a good relationship with his family.”

The suit alleged that Samiel said she knew the right spells to make Young happier but they came with a whopping price tag.

The alleged scam only ended, said the lawsuit, when a payment to Samiel through a third-party company was blocked by Young’s bank, which had closed his account.


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