Kazakhstan is a distraction of attention and forces from what is planned in Ukraine

MOSCOW, 11 Jan 2022, RUSSTRAT Institute.

Many people call the events in Kazakhstan an analogue of the Ukrainian Maidan, but this is not quite true. The elements of the actions that took place in Kiev in February 2014 indeed have analogues in Alma-Ata. However, in these events there is also the Belarusian Maidan, with the work done on mistakes, and the followers of the American BLM, smashing the shops of the former Kazakh capital, who will soon declare: Kazakh Lives Matter.

Tokayev can be compared to Yanukovych, who made a deal with the West and received Maidan in return. Yanukovych had a rejected Association with the EU and signed an agreement with the opposition, Tokayev did the transfer of most of the oil and gas industry under the Western capital control and is flirting with the Russophobic opposition.

For reference, 74.5% of Kazakhstan’s oil production market has been in the hands of foreign companies since March 2021, such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, the North Caspian Operating Company N.V. consortium, in which there are all these same Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil, as well as Eni and Total S.A..

Tokayev can be compared with Lukashenko – both tried to be multi-vector, only Tokayev went further, continuing Nazarbayev’s multi-vector approach, but his vector is still directed towards the West. Therefore, an ardent Russophobe Erlan Karin has been appointed to the post of Secretary of State, who is a supporter of pan-Turkism and oversees all nationalist movements in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK).

Do you remember the language patrols in Kazakhstan? The guilty were protected and defended by Erlan Karin. By the way, he is a native of Southern Kazakhstan, more precisely, the Turkestan region, which has long had no Russian schools. But there are more than half of the mines and mining and processing plants for the extraction of uranium.

Kazakh uranium, in addition to state-owned enterprises of Kazakhstan, is mined by the Russian Rosatom, the Japanese consortium Energy Asia Limited, the Canadian firm Cameco, the Chinese CGNPC. And British firms Ganberg UK Ltd. (60%) and Gexior UK Ltd. (40%), which own this plant, participate in processing at the Stepnogorsk Mining and Chemical Combine. 82% of Kazakh uranium is mined by these companies.

Therefore, the Kazakh Maidan did not start because of fuel prices or coronavirus restrictions, although they also contributed to the Kazakhs taking to the streets (looting in stores doesn’t happen because of a happy life, right?).

The Kazakh Maidan is an attempt by the American-British Southern Kazakhstan to take power from the still pro-Russian Northern Kazakhstan. One of the main prizes is Kazakh uranium in Turkestan and Kyzylorda regions (25% of world production). That is why Alma-Ata, the former capital of the Kazakh SSR, was chosen as the site of the Maidan, as a counterweight to Nur-Sultan.

In addition, let’s not forget about the geographical location of Kazakhstan and about military ties with the United States, which have a long history. The origins of the current Maidan were laid in 2003-2005, when representatives of Southern Kazakhstan began to oust “northerners” from government structures, first on the ground, and then in the capital. They did this with the support of the United States (USAID), Britain (British Council) and Turkey (TISA), who entered the country under the humanitarian flags of building a “correct democracy”.

By 2019, according to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, grants were officially distributed by 98 foreign organisations and foundations, among which there was not a single Russian organisation, but the Soros Foundation was present. These funds and organisations have spawned 23,000 NGOs in the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the help of these NGOs, “Southerners” made a rapid career in power and security structures.

The leader of “Maidan” is Ablyazov, tied to the British banks Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and HSBC. Therefore, the ears of the British MI-6 stick out not only from oil and gas and uranium companies, but also from everything that happens in the Republic of Kazakhstan. By the way, pretending to be a merchant is a long tradition of British intelligence.

P.S. Many are waiting for a provocation in Ukraine, and it happened in Kazakhstan, although Ukraine should not be written off either. It hasn’t started yet. Kazakhstan is a distraction from what is planned in Ukraine. The stakes in the Big Game are rising, but Russia has already made the first retaliatory move – a CSTO peacekeeping contingent has been introduced into Kazakhstan. 

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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