No shortage of ‘ridiculous’ 911 calls made in Durham Region in 2021

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Believe it or not, some people need to be told that a long line-up at a Taco Bell is not a reason to call 911.

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Durham Regional Police have released their Top 10 list of the “most ridiculous” non-emergency 911 calls they received in 2021.

Durham 911 dispatchers respond to up to 600 calls a day and of those some unwarranted calls are for missing cats or uncooperative children.

“Misuse of 911 can potentially delay someone with a life-threatening emergency from getting help,” police said in a statement released on New Year’s Eve. “Before dialing 911 please remember that is for police, medical or fire emergencies, meaning there is an immediate threat to someone’s health, safety or property.”

Some of the ridiculous 911 calls over the last 12 months included someone reporting to police that their kitchen was flooded. The caller was told to call a plumber and didn’t like the response, so they hung up and called 911 again.

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Kids call 911 to ask if the refrigerator is running.

Parents have called to have police come out and scare their kids into acting properly.

Someone called 911 asking police to find their WiFi password.

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Some people have called looking to find their COVID test results.

An Uber driver called upset at having to wait 10 minutes for a customer.

A caller phoned asking for the non-emergency police number.

Another called 911 wanting an arrest made because a pizza place made them the wrong pizza.

“Please use 911 responsibly. (Police) calltakers cannot provide information on weather or power outages and please do not call 911 to ask for the non-emergency police number,” police said.

To reach the Durham Regional Police non-emergency line, call 905-579-1520 and press 0.


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