Wacky crime around the world highlighted 2021

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Among myriad weird and wacky crime-related incidents in 2021, tempers flared during numerous attacks at cafes and bars.


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The accused aggressors, including three non-fatal accused shooters, were reportedly disgruntled patrons.

Other odd cases, some widely reported, include: A man joined searchers looking for a drunk — him; an anti-vaccine dentist seeking reinstatement by wearing a fake arm to get a Covid-19 ‘jab; two drivers spitting and fighting after a car crash fuelled by a gas shortage.


Coughing on a bartender over a delayed video lottery payout earned a Calgarian two assault convictions and a reprimand.

Deliberately removing a mask and coughing, especially during risky COVID-19 times, could emit “lung-air molecules” and “is an act of force,” Judge Heather Lamoureaux told spitter Kyle Claude Pruden in November .


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A year earlier, when a Black Swan Ale House staffer told him her boss would provide his $160 the next day, Pruden, 35, ripped off his mask and spewed.

After a patron gave him $60, he ate and drank more beer at another bar, then returned, demanding the rest of his winnings.

The oil and gas industry welder punched the generous patron when his benefactor tried to calm him.

Also convicted of that assault in November 2020, Pruden received a conditional discharge, which will leave him without a criminal record.


A woman incensed after her plastic soup lid melted berated a Temple, Texas restaurant manager over the phone, then went inside and tossed the takeaway dish over her face .

Luckily, the spicy missile had cooled, though Janelle Broland, 24, told a reporter her eyes stung and her nose bled. A Sol De Jalisco customer used paper towels to clear her and a co-worker provided a shirt.


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Offered a refund or replacement before the Nov. 7 splattering attack — recorded by a surveillance camera —the 31-year-old patron and her vehicle’s license plate were filmed by customers.

She was charged with assault and banned from the eatery.

A woman allegedly fired several shots at Burger King employees in Memphis, Tenn. after they took too long with her order, police said.
A woman allegedly fired several shots at Burger King employees in Memphis, Tenn. after they took too long with her order, police said. Photo by MEMPHIS POLICE DEPARTMENT/HANDOUT /FACEBOOK


Gunfire at separate Burger King outlets in Memphis, Tn., left two people wounded in one shooting and a patron accused of trying to kill staff nine weeks earlier.

A 22-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were arrested after staff reported being shot at after being confronted June 6 about an over-spiced chicken sandwich.

Two of four people were wounded after gunfire outside the North Hollywood St. outlet, investigators said.

Burger King reported, “team members are doing well.”


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The suspects were charged with four counts of attempted murder and using a firearm.

On March 30, police released photos of a woman accused of triggering a handgun through a Burger King drive-through window . Employees said she complained about a delayed a food order.

Unhurt, staff fled through the Winchester Road eatery’s rear door.

Arrested following a Crime Stoppers tip, a 32-year-old was charged with two counts of attempted murder and using a firearm during commission of a dangerous felony.


Complaining bitterly about sauce missing from his chicken McNuggets order resulted in a McDonald’s customer being charged with second-degree harassment after admitting to making a bomb threat.

He was arrested in Ankeny, Iowa in June after telling police he warned an employee over the phone that an explosive would be detonated and someone would punch a staffer, court documents state.


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Facing a trial, the 42-year-old pleaded not guilty and was released.


After police raided a Berlin, Germany apartment, an amateur radio operator was accused of misdirecting passenger and transport pilots plus police helicopter crews for six months.

No accidents or perilous incidents were reported, but “potentially dangerous” orders were transmitted, police Tweeted.

The 32-year-old was arrested Jan. 28 after officers in a helicopter said they received flight instructions from a fake aviation official.

Two radios with flight frequency links were reportedly seized.

Drunk man joins his own search party in Turkey.
Drunk man joins his own search party in Turkey. Twitter


A man whose wife reported him missing in a forest near Inegöl, Turkey j oined searchers before having a sobering revelation after more than 30 minutes.


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Police officers and volunteers were seeking him.

After hearing one shout his name, Beyhan Mutlu, 51, identified himself, but the manhunt continued, he told reporters.

Until a friend arrived and identified him, searchers “didn’t believe me.”

The construction worker, who had been drinking with a pal Sept. 28, awoke the next morning in a friend’s villa and spotted searchers.

“Like a joke … I was lost. I searched for myself,” the Turkish newspaper, Sabah , quoted him saying.

Mutlu apologized to the search party, which declined his offer to buy them pastries. Police drove him home.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.


Southeastern U.S. fuel shortages caused panic among some drivers, including a motorist charged with stealing gas by boring a hole into a truck — releasing a “significant” spill, police said.


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A 25-year-old filmed by a surveillance camera leaving a Griffin, Ga. self-storage facility on May 12 was arrested a day after up to 170 litres of gasoline gushed from a freshly-drilled hole in a UHaul truck’s fuel tank.

Rain-drenched firefighters spent hours mopping the “significant fuel spill,” police said.

A spokeswoman wryly expressed appreciation for the “helpful” suspect parking within camera range and “walking around the U-Haul trucks.” He was charged with theft and criminal damage to property.

Elsewhere, two drivers were arrested May 12 after a man and woman spat at and pushed each other, arguing over a space among cars lined up at a Knightdale, NC gas station.

Police charged the 25-year-old woman with simple assault. Her 47-year-old sparring opponent was charged with simple assault and damage to property.


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Mugshot of Victoria Farish Weiss, arrested on drug charges after weed edibles found in students’ box in classroom.


A South Carolina school teacher had her state license suspended after being accused of putting cannabis-infused candies in a students’ prize box .

Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, was charged in September with possessing a Schedule 1 drug after a Grade 2 youngster selected pot-laced gummies mistaken for safe candies in a look-alike wrapper, then left after she told him to choose another marijuana-infused prize.

A daycare teacher called school officials after recognizing the ‘Chuckles’ package, and an assistant principal found another candy with THC in the box, police said.


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THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Dismissed in mid-October by Lexington School District One, the accused teacher insisted she bought the bag of mixed candies at a general store.

She was released on a personal recognizance bond after detectives searched her home and reported seizing similar ‘packs of edibles,” which are legal in some other states.


A devious dentist suspended for refusing a Covid-19 vaccination faced fraud charges after reportedly wearing a fake arm in a failed bid to get a ‘jab’ at a northern Italy clinic.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper quoted a nurse in Biella saying a 57-year-old’s “cold and gummy” silicone arm was an obvious ruse and authorities were alerted after he left Dec. 2.

Filippa Bua said the courteous man told her he wanted his job back and wore the prosthetic in a bid to qualify for a ‘super’ health pass medical personnel must have as proof of vaccination.


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