Feds slammed over not advertising available jobs to public

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The Public Service Commission says most federal government jobs never get seen by the public despite being earmarked as such.

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Blacklock’s Reporter says the commission points out the majority of outside hire vacancies never even get advertised.

“Non-advertised appointments for external hiring activities, promotions and acting appointments increased to 60% in 2020,” the commission wrote in its Annual Report tabled in Parliament.

That’s up from a rate of 30% five years ago.

The commission also says when job vacancies were posted for the public to apply, the hiring process took months.

“The 2020 median staff time for advertised external processes increased 47 days to 250 calendar days or close to 8.5 months,” wrote the commission.

Back in 2016, average waits were 154 days when the commission issued a memo New Direction In Staffing that called for reforms.

“We lose many good candidates along the way,” commission president Patrick Borbey testified at 2018 hearings of the Commons government operations committee.

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A Staffing And Non-Partisanship Survey in 2018 found 54% of 101,892 employees questioned agreed appointments for positions depended on who you know.

Only 14% strongly agreed promotions were fair, 16% agreed “people hired in my work unit can do the job,” and 31% said people hired by managers appeared to be incompetent.


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