WARMINGTON: COVID spread pales to spread of love by QY Rangers

After almost 250 years of fighting in battles, it will take a tougher opponent than Omicron to get the better of Toronto’s own Queen’s York Rangers.

The Rangers’ motto is to “overcome adversity” and that is exactly what the legendary United Empire Loyalist 1st American Regiment did when new COVID-19 capacity restrictions stopped their annual Christmas dinner Saturday for the second straight year.

“It’s a tradition for soldiers to share a meal at the year-end known as Ranger Stew,” said Capt. Brian Patterson.

“Like John Graves Simcoe, our first Lt. Governor, to our current Lt. Gov Elizabeth Dowdswell. the meal is a shared experience from the newest soldier to the most seasoned.”

“Like John Graves Simcoe, our first lieutenant-governor, to our current Lt.-Gov Elizabeth Dowdeswell. the meal is a shared experience from the newest soldier to the most seasoned.”

But with COVID rules dictating only 50% were permitted to enter the dinner, the Rangers decided to donate all the catered fare to a food bank and give 200 gift cards to the needy.

“Led by Lt.-Col. James Stocker, and Lt.-Col. Donald MacKenzie, this is a group of doers,” said Patterson. “The command team pivoted and moved to plan B.”

Not every pandemic setback story has an unhappy ending — especially when the Queen’s York Rangers are involved.


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