Piranhas kill four swimmers in series of attacks in South America

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Those flesh-eating fish known as piranhas have claimed four victims in South America.

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The Daily Mail reports the bodies of four swimmers were found in a series of attacks in Paraguay where people swam in local rivers to beat sweltering temperatures during the current heat wave.

The first fatality happened Sunday when a 22-year-old man vanished while in the Paraguay River. His body was discovered 45 minutes later with several body parts torn off and eaten by piranhas.

The second attack happened in the same river but it’s believed the 49-year-old victim suffered a heart attack before being attacked by piranhas that bit his face.

The other two victims were found dead in the Tebicuary River on Sunday with bites on their bodies from piranhas.

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The attacks are more common during hotter weather as the flesh-eating fish reproduce and come close to the coast when water levels are low.

Argentinian biologist Julio Caply said piranhas mainly live in the Parana and Paraguay rivers and like to hide under floating plants where they may be guarding eggs and offspring before racing out to attack.

Needless to say, swimmers have been told to avoid bathing during breeding season, especially in areas with floating plants.


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