Keurig Canada fined millions for making false claims about recycling

“K-Cup pods are not widely recycled in municipal recycling programs outside of British Columbia and Quebec”

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Keurig Canada is being fined $4 million in damages and costs after it made false claims its plastic K-Cup pods were recyclable when in fact they’re not in most provinces.

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The company acknowledged in a federal Consent Agreement that it misled the public, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“Portraying products or services as having more environmental benefits than they truly have is an illegal practice in Canada,” Competition Commissioner said Matthew Boswell in a statement.

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“False or misleading claims by businesses to promote ‘greener’ products harm consumers.”

Keurig must pay $3 million in fines to the Competition Bureau, donate $800,000 to a Canadian charity “focused on environmental causes,” and pay $85,000 in costs under the Competition Act.

“The Competition Bureau concluded claims create the impression the pods can be recycled in each municipality where the claims are made,” Keurig wrote in a company notice to be published in 22 daily newspapers across Canada.

“However the K-Cup pods are not widely recycled in municipal recycling programs outside of British Columbia and Quebec.”

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Keurig says that as part of the settlement, it will make changes to the packaging of K-Cup pods, brewers and advertising.

The City of Toronto had complained it was dealing with 90 tonnes of plastic pods yearly from householders’ recycling bins that were being put in landfills.


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