Pabst Blue Ribbon apologizes for explicit ‘Dry January’ tweets

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A series of X-rated tweets from Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Twitter account has left company officials apologizing for the since-deleted inappropriate posts.

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The beer maker’s Twtter account kicked off “Dry January,” posting on Monday morning: “Not drinking this January? Try eating a–.”

A series of tweets and replies followed, which were removed by the company by Monday afternoon.

PBR addressed the explicit tweets in a statement emailed to media, blaming it on a rogue employee.

“We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets,” Nick Reely, vice-president of marketing for Pabst Blue Ribbon, said in a statement obtained by Ad Age .

“The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates, Reely said. “In no way does the content of these tweets reflect the values of Pabst and our associates. We’re handling the matter internally and have removed the tweets from our social platforms.”

The company had kicked off the year with a “Wet January” campaign, a twist on “Dry January,” which encourages individuals to abstain from alcohol for a month.


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