Mom says Alexa offering up potentially deadly challenges

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A mother concerned about an Amazon Alexa challenge went to Twitter on Sunday to report the incident.

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Kristin Livdahl said she asked the digital assistant about challenges for her and her 10-year-old daughter to complete and the response was potentially deadly, according to the Daily Mail.

Livdahl tweeted Alexa told her child to “plug in a phone charger about halfway into a wall outlet, then touch a penny to the exposed prongs.”

The so-called “outlet challenge” was a TikTok trend in the U.S. last year before users were warned about the potentially deadly stunt.

Previously, mother and daughter has been doing physical challenges like lying down and rolling over to beat the boredom of a bad weather day.

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The Daily Mail was told by an Amazon spokesperson: “The tweet is not fake however the challenge is no longer live. As soon as we became aware of the issue, we took swift action to fix it.”

The reaction on Twitter was a mixture of humour and outrage according to The Mail.

“I suspected Alexa was evil. Just didn’t suspect Alexa was this evil,: one user wrote.

“The machine uprising has begun,” another tweeted.


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