Goat born with human face in Indian village ‘a sign from God?’

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Kind of like that new Icelandic horror movie Lamb but in reverse?

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A baby goat born with a human face, and other deformities, has spooked the people of the northeastern Indian village of Gangapur in the state of Assam according to the Daily Mail.

Neighbours described the scary-looking goat, who also had only two crippled legs and underdeveloped hindquarters, “as a warning from God.”

“The neighbours rushed to our house,” said goat owner and farmer Shakar Das, 46. “Everyone was left shocked by its appearance.”

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

Neighbour Rakesh Kumar added: “In many areas, it’s considered as a warning. The people see the mutant births as the sign from God.”

The animal, born with a swollen human-looking face, was born alive but later died.

The mother gave birth to other offspring that weren’t quite so creepy but the birth of a deformed animal is considered a bad omen in India.


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