HIGH LIFE: Mom-and-son circus act ends with seven-metre fall from tightrope wire

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A tightrope walker in Siberia lost his footing and fell off the wire, all while his mother was balanced on his head.

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Makhmud Suanbekov, 33, and his mother, Sairakan Suanbekova, 56, were performing above a packed audience in the city of Tyumen on Christmas Day, East2West News reported.

Suanbekova was standing on one foot on her son’s head as he made his way across the wire high above the crowd before he lost his balance.

Seasoned trapeze performer Suanbekova had a safety rope on so she was saved. Her son, however, refuses to use a harness. He managed to briefly grab the line before he slipped, falling to the ground.

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Amazingly, he “was able to walk, although he was limping,” according to a statement.

He did reportedly struggle to stand up before he was rushed to hospital.

Suanbekov suffered no fractures or broken bones and even vowed to be back in time for a New Year’s Eve show.

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