Pickaxe-wielding woman steals from California drugstore

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A woman showed up at a Rite Aid store in Venice, Calif., armed with a pickaxe and ready to rob the place.

Video of the brazen woman shows her strolling through the store, pulling her shopping basket down the aisle and filling it with items — with the axe slung over her shoulder like a backpack.

Customers in the store were shocked as she helped herself to various products, filling her shopping basket, before she went on to verbally attack store employees who were repeatedly asking her to stop.

“I’m not f–king around,” the axe-wielding woman says. “I don’t want to smell like s–t when I’m knocking these bitches out.”

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

To what ‘bitches’ she is referring is unclear.

As she starts to leave the store, she tells everyone, “Don’t say s–t! Shut the f–k up! Be quiet and follow suit.”

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The woman stole an unknown amount of merchandise, the Los Angeles Police Department told KTTV .

The woman allegedly threatened employees who tried to take her basket but no one was injured.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

The bizarre incident comes as the state continues to suffer from a slew of brazen smash-and-grab robberies .


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