KFC customer finds entire chicken head in order

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Do you prefer drumsticks, flats, or a full chicken head?

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One KFC customer allegedly got the option nobody wants, a full chicken head in a box of wings, according to news reports.

It allegedly happened in Twickenham, England.

A woman named Gabrielle said she “found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.”

There was even photographic proof on the Instagram account Takeawaytrauma, which documents similar horrors.

Many people on Instagram were shocked the woman still gave the order a two-star review, with some wondering how bad things would have to be to only get one star.

KFC told England’s The Sun Online: “We were genuinely surprised by this photo. Since Gabrielle got in touch, we’ve been looking into how it happened.”

“Put simply, we serve real chicken — and we’re proud of that — but this has clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with our suppliers, partners and teams, who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants. It’s true that even the best laid plans can on rare occasions go awry. And this is an incredibly rare one.”

KFC also offered Gabrielle free KFC.


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