Connor McDavid’s Edmonton mansion gets misconduct for lack of colour

McDavid and Lauren Kyle opened the doors of their uber-modern mansion to Architectural Digest

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Oilers superstar Connor McDavid and his gal pal’s design choices for their Edmonton mansion have been slammed into the boards.

McDavid and Lauren Kyle opened the doors of their uber-modern mansion to design bible Architectural Digest.

But the star was hit with a two-minute minor for bad taste — and lack of colour.

One wag tweeted: “After seeing Connor McDavid’s house I no longer wish to be rich. If it means living in a monochromatic home with no personality, how the hell am I supposed to eat pizza rolls in that house?”

Another added: “Fantastic, it’s McDavid House Tour time again, when we continue to ask the question: what did colours do to offend these two?”

But the Edmonton sniper seems proud of his posh abode that features a basketball court and a snazzy wine cellar. However, he spends a lot of his spare time rollerblading.

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“We live in Edmonton, Alberta, which for people (who) don’t know, that is a very cold place,” the 24-year-old told the magazine.

Kyle added: “Connor being the captain, we knew we were going to have to host a lot. This house feels like it’s definitely an entertainer’s home.”

Richmond Hill native McDavid agreed: “I think our house has kind of become the designated team party house.”

The couple had boffo bucks when they began their home search after he signed a monstrous, eight-year contract with the Oilers in 2017.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

And the pair seem at home in the minimalist manse — haters aside.

“I like that everything’s hidden,” Kyle says. “Even our bar, we have this brass door that slides over (it). We really wanted everything to stay clean, but then have a little bit of intrigue. Like, What’s behind?”

Still, that didn’t stop catcalls from the cheap seats, with at least one wag likening it to a serial killer’s abode.

“McDavid’s house is cool in like a hedge-fund billionaire who is secretly a serial killer kind of way,” one Twitter user commented.



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