Can your nails tell you about health issues like cancer?

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A nail technician who has gone viral on TikTok says your nails could indicate if you’ve got health issues, such as cancer.

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Megan the nail technician shared three things to look for with U.K.’s Sun .

She mentioned dark lines — thin, dark lines coming from the root of the nail to the tip could indicate broken blood vessels, psoriasis, or even melanoma.

Megan said a client noticed dark lines and had it checked out and a tumour was eventually removed.

She advised to not immediately panic though as not all dark lines are dangerous.

She also noted clubbed nails, which occur when the tips of the fingers enlarge and the nails curve around the fingertips.

It can be a sign of low oxygen levels in the blood, which could indicate a variety of lung problems.

Usually, they are only an issue when accompanied by other symptoms.

Horizontal ridges were also something Megan said to watch out for.

They are known as Beau’s lines and are horizontal indentations, or ridges, that run straight across the nail.

If you have them on multiple nails something could be wrong. It could be kidney problems, thyroid issues or mumps, according to the U.K. Sun .


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