Toronto ranks sixth out of 80 global cities for remote work attractiveness

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A new global study of 80 cities shows Toronto ranks in sixth place among the most attractive remote work destinations.

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The Cities Best Facilitating Remote Work study by global employment specialists assessed how easy is it for companies to compliantly hire remote workers based on local legislation, in addition to the legal requirements, while factoring in living costs, infrastructure and liveability.

Topping the list is Melbourne while Montreal and Sydney ranked second and third.

Rounding out the Top Ten were Wellington, New Zealand (4), Prague (5), Tallinn (7), Zagreb (8), Singapore (9) and Dublin (10).

“The growth of remote working has opened up new avenues for employees around the world,” Carsten Lebtig, co-founder and managing director of WorkMotion, said in a statement.

“People are increasingly less restricted by their location and the size of its job pool, and can regard foreign locations as possible work destinations regardless of whether or not they speak the local language. Now that the initial shock of the pandemic has subsided, we wanted to capture a snapshot of the current remote working landscape as the first step in tracking how it changes over the coming years. Many remote workers are drawn to cities by the promise of a different lifestyle or climate. We hope this study can provide inspiration to anyone looking for a change of scenery and open up their minds to unexpected destination.”

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In other study categories, Toronto ranked sixth for ease of employment compliance regulations, 25th for lowest tax rates, 46th for city affordability, 2nd for access to healthcare, 16th for happiness, 20th for cultural attractions, 16th for gender equality, and 30th for LGBT and Equality.

Dublin ranks first for ease of employment compliance ahead of Helsinki and Copenhagen while the city with the happiest citizens is Copenhagen, followed by Bern and Wellington.

Istanbul has the most favourable tax rates for remote workers, ahead of Lisbon and Hong Kong.


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