Canadian disaster cash bought karaoke machines in the Philippines: audit

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Audits of approved grant applications found nearly one-third had incomplete paperwork, and money meant to help others was used for questionable purchases.

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An internal audit of Canada’s department of foreign affairs found paperwork was missing in about 33% of sampled files from 2020, reports Blacklock’s Reporter — also finding that many managers tasked with checking up on projects had little knowledge of what became of taxpayers’ money.

One such case studying foreign aid dollars involved supposedly unspent portions of a $20.5 million, four-year commitment to help the Philippines recover from Typhoon Yolanda in 2013 that, according to auditors, was used instead to buy karaoke machines.

Another audit uncovered reports from staff responsible for foreign aid to Afghanistan stating they were under pressure to spend money there — expenditures managers said weren’t having an appreciable impact.

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“It was sometimes difficult to find good initiatives in Afghanistan to disburse the amount of money available,” auditors wrote in their report.

“Many other donors also perceived their development assistance spending in Afghanistan as ambitious and exceeding the absorption capacity of Afghan institutions.”


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