Austrian 11-year-old gets gonorrhoea from Italian hot spring

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We’ve heard of hot tubs being risky, but hot springs are a new one.

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An 11-year-old Austrian girl reportedly was diagnosed with gonorrhoea after a vacation in Italy where she bathed in a hot spring.

Reports said the girl developed symptoms of the venereal disease after bathing in a busy hot pool at the edge of crater lake Specchio di Venere (“Mirror of Venus”) on Pantelleria Island, Italy.

A case study published Sept. 17 said she developed vulvovaginitis — inflammation and irritation of the vagina or vulva, usually soothed with anti-fungal cream.

Vaginal swabs tested positive for Neisseria gonorrhoeae,  a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection. None of the girl’s family members tested positive, though researchers said the family members had been in different pools.

The disease has previously been traced to common baths, according to the study and researchers recommended signs be placed near the hot springs advising showering with antibacterial soap after going in the hot springs.

The girl has since tested negative for gonorrhoea.


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