Critical race theory: dark days have come for whites in the USA

MOSCOW, 16 Nov 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

The sensational victory of Republican Glenn Youngkin in the gubernatorial election in Democratic Virginia made analysts think about the reasons for such a failure of the “donkey party”. Most of them tend to think that the secret of the success of the multimillionaire investor from the Carlyle Group lies in several important domestic political miscalculations of the Joe Biden administration.

One of them is the widespread imposition of so-called “critical race theory” (CRT) on schools in Virginia and other states, promoted by both upper-echelon Democrats and a host of little-known “progressives” who occupied American universities, the media, NGOs and public foundations.

The RUSSTRAT Institute has not just once written about CRT, which was developed in the 1970s by American lawyer-theorists and in five decades of the US academic mainstream by the efforts of “cultural Marxists” in university gowns. After the death of the African-American George Floyd and the activation of the BLM movement, this theory has found a new breath and is now being implemented in the form of manifestos in hundreds of public schools in the country, causing acute rejection of the white population even in traditionally “blue” (voting for Democrats) districts and states.

Let’s try to understand the conceptual foundations of this phenomenon. After all, this is not just another attempt by a persistent minority to make the passive majority responsible for its real or imaginary sins of the past. Brought to its logical conclusion, CRT is capable of putting an end to the entire global Western civilisation as it is known to us. 

“White means racist”

The thought experiment “choice in the store” allows to catch the meaning of “critical race theory”. Imagine that you are a seller and two buyers came to you at the same time — a white and a black one. Who will you try to serve first? If you serve first the white one, then the CRT adept will say that you are a racist because you consider a black person to be a second-class person. And if you serve first the black one, then you’re… still a racist, because you don’t want to be left alone with them in an empty store.

In this example, several postulates of the CRT theory perfectly play out.

First: you are your race. Personal qualities, merits, principles recede into the background and, moreover, they are racist prejudices. If you are white, then you are a representative of a privileged group, a caste of exploiters. And if you are not white, then you are a member of the oppressed group. It doesn’t matter what you think about this.

Second: racism is irrevocable. It permeates all social institutions and relationships, at least in the USA. This is not some individual prejudice, but a fundamental political and economic system created by whites for centuries for the sake of their superiority over non-whites, CRT teaches. No progress in recent decades, starting with Martin Luther King, has changed anything: racism has only learned to disguise itself better.

Third: if you are white, then you are guilty. You can genuinely love African Americans, pay them more money as an employer, fight apartheid, be married to a black woman – it doesn’t change anything. And vice versa, if you are non-white, and best of all – black, then centuries of oppression of your ancestors a priori make you a victim too, even if you are a billionaire, a criminal or hate blacks yourself.

And the fourth postulate, which follows from the precedent three: there is need of a total redistribution of privileges and the abolition of the entire current hierarchy of values, which only toughens racism in the United States, in the West and on the planet as a whole. Long live genuine “critically racial” justice, and not just some kind of outdated equality! So, in the “store experiment” you should at least give the black customer all your takings…

Let’s explain it with more specific examples.

According to the CRT doctrinaires, supremacy of whites manifests itself in a variety of guises, and most often when they ask: “What do I have to do with it?”. For example, the following statements performed by whites are racist: “We are all one big human family”, “All lives matter”, “Neither I nor my ancestors ever owned slaves” and “There is less racism nowadays”.

It is just as criminal to celebrate Columbus Day, to try to listen to both sides in the white and non-white dispute, to be afraid of people of colour on the street, to emphasise the priority of the English language in the United States, to treat black children as adults, to declare that not all whites are racists, and even just to be silent when someone dares to joke about blacks. The very understanding of race as a natural biological feature of a person is racist — instead, it should be understood as a social construct imposed by white oppressors, says CRT.

Separate taboos are imposed on “cultural appropriation” (for example, when WASP children perform a Zulu dance at a matinee – and the reverse example is quite permissible), “tokenism” (creating the appearance of equality when, for example, in cinema a black character is introduced “for show”) and “colour blindness” (when it is claimed that races are indistinguishable before the law or  about their equal opportunities — all this only covers racism).

“The most threatening racist movement is not the alt-rights unlikely drive for a White ethnostate but the regular Americans drive for a race-neutralone, said Ibram Kendi, the guru of critical racial theory.

The Ku Klux Klan? Burning crosses? The “N” word? CRT supporters are convinced that it’s not enough to just lynch whites for such things. However, it hasn’t come to that yet, so other methods are in use.

The professors play with blacks

How is it proposed today to “redistribute privileges” from whites to blacks?

For example, school grades and tests should be banned, adherents of critical racial theory urge. And this is not an empty call: by 2019, more than a thousand educational institutions in the United States rejected the SAT test as discriminatory one. Standardised testing (SAT) for college admissions is a pseudoscience and eugenics tool that humiliates people of colour, explains David Stovall, professor of black studies (professor of black studies – yes, there is such a discipline) at the University of Illinois.

All these are half measures, adds Richard Delgado, a law professor at the University of Alabama, who, along with his wife, Jean Stefancic, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, is considered the founder of CRT. According to him, when entering a university, it would be good not only to add extra points to disadvantaged applicants from coloured families, but also to take away points from privileged whites.

Another great way to defeat racism in the United States could be “cumulative voting” in elections, says Harvard law professor Lani Guinier. Winning by a simple majority of votes on the principle of “winner takes all” is racism, she is sure. If there are ten seats in the city council, then each voter must cast ten votes, including giving them to one candidate — this will increase the chances of cohesive minorities. And down with the distribution by geographical districts – let people vote where they want!

And it’s also time to change the criminal justice system, says Georgetown University law professor Paul Butler.

“Considering the costs of law enforcement to the black community and the failure of white lawmakers to devise significant nonincarcerative responses to black antisocial conduct, it is the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws,” he wrote back in 1995.

Like objecting to him “You think too small!”, two other American professors, Devon Carbado and Mitu Gulati say: for blacks, it’s not worth working! Constant emotional unrest due to potential racism forces them to do more work than whites. And in general, labour itself in the presence of a white man is a kind of oppression, the professors say.

In comparison with this, the rejection of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, with the prohibition of “hate speech” already in at least two hundred American universities, looks like nothing.

As we can see, this is not just about “reverse discrimination”, when whites and blacks change places in the established hierarchy. This hierarchy itself, which Western civilisation has been building for 2,500 years, is being put at risk. All its “vicious pseudo-equality” in elections, before the law and in exams, the followers of CRT throw off the steamboat of modernity. The only true equality, they say, can only be the achievement of equal results, not opportunities.

This means that the entire modern civilisation, based on personal merits and competitiveness of people, deserves to die as soon as possible, according to the “carriers of progress”. Inherited by mankind from Ancient Greece and Rome, confirmed by the rationalism of Modern times and the great conquests of the Enlightenment, embodied in modern capitalism and the Judeo-Christian system of values, this civilisation must fall, CRT teaches – as the “divine” power of kings once fell. There is no other way to get rid of racism.

Are we next?

Looking at this “feast of the spirit”, it is impossible not to ask two questions. Why did America need to destroy itself in such a barbaric way? And is it advantageous for us to support its self-destruction?

Oddly enough, both questions assume the same answer. “Critical race theory” is a powerful ideological lever of control in the hands of the “deep state” along with the concept of global warming, the green agenda, the coronavirus pandemic or gender theory.

All this is designed to suppress, “deconstruct” and convert any “hardened” opponent, whether it is the white majority in the United States or obstinate powers like Russia. In the end, this is not even a question of money, but of domination, of power, total and indisputable power.

In other words, CRT will sooner or later reach us – perhaps in an even more extravagant form, especially since there are many national minorities in Russia. The ground has been prepared for this for a long time: the idea that Russians need to “pay and repent” already for the fact being born is far from new. Whether or not Russia has the capabilities and influence to stop this state-destroying heresy at distant borders is still an open question.

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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