Researchers find 18 ‘high-risk’ viruses in China’s markets

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China may be the root of another pandemic, according to researchers who have discovered 18 “high-risk” viruses in the country’s markets.

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A new study of viral pathogens has found that markets host a range of diseases that threaten humans and other animals, reported The Strait Times.

The study examined more than a dozen species of game animals traded, sold, and commonly consumed as exotic food in China and identified 71 mammalian viruses, including 18 deemed “potentially high risk” to people and domestic animals.

According to the researchers, the most unsettling were microbes found in civets, a small nocturnal animal that carried the SARS coronavirus from bats to humans in China in 2002.

While researchers did not find anything resembling the virus responsible for the COVID  pandemic, they discovered that bats carrying viral pathogens can infect other animals – which could lead to dangerous outbreaks.


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