Europe’s threefold culpability in front of migrants: they were bombed, lured and conned

MOSCOW, 15 Nov 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

Today Brussels accuses Minsk, and then also Moscow of an unprecedented “hybrid war” — like saying that Belarusians and Russians want to flood Europe with migrants. And presents Lukashenko as a culprit — with an eye on the Kremlin. And at the same time, it is already preparing a fifth (!) package of sanctions against Belarus. What hypocrites!

Let’s face it: who exactly is to blame for this migration crisis? After all, the answers are elementary.

1. Where are migrants fleeing from? You can see it in their faces. There are Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians. African poor guys… But why are they fleeing? Because quite recently, Western warriors descended on their countries and bombed them – somewhere completely, somewhere partially – up to the Stone Age.

Among the uninvited guests in their bombed-out houses were a lot of Europeans from NATO. Who invited them there — all these Poles, Danes, Lithuanians, Romanians, Latvians, Spaniards, Hungarians, Estonians? America invited them there. More precisely, it ordered them to come when it was putting together its coalitions— and they showed servile obedience.

Thus, the European Union has fully shared with the United States the responsibility for the chaoticisation of the Greater Middle East. If there were no wars there, no one would have fled: neither from a living Saddam, nor from a living Gaddafi, nor from Assad, nor even from pre-Taliban Afghanistan.

This is the first fault of the EU — it destroyed the world and created a humanitarian crisis with its own hands on the territory from Tripoli to Kabul.

2. Well, the EU bombed them. Secular regimes were overthrown. They sowed chaos and discord. They warmed Islamists, terrorists and fanatics on their own breasts. Millions of people have been deprived of shelter and livelihood. But after all, no one forced the Europeans to speak when they promised to accept refugees at home!

After all, did they promise? They promised. “Flee to our place!” they shouted. They waved their hands. They promised shelter and work. Not out of a sense of solidarity, of course — there are simply not enough workers in the EU, new disenfranchised hard workers are needed. But most importantly – they called, lured and waited for them.

And hundreds of thousands of people who lost their future because of the West rushed to this same West in search of a better life. Having reasoned sensibly that if only starvation or death under bombs awaits their family in their native country, then it’s time to cut a little slice from the hearty European pie that Europe has been baking for the last 500 years from ingredients stripped from the world.

So why is the EU now twisting its lip so contemptuously? Why doesn’t it just tell Poland to open the border and let in all the unfortunate people? What kind of pose is “I have nothing to do with it”?

This is Europe’s second fault — it called millions of people to its place, seduced them, gave them vain hopes, and now it pretends that it has nothing to do with it.

3. And now the refugees are stuck in Belarus, having arrived in it along the routes available to them. It is important to understand: they enter Belarus legally, on tourist visas. Minsk simply has no reason not to let them in. There are no legal grounds to expel them back.

As is there no reason to keep them in Belarus. If they want to move on to the EU – no problem! Especially since Belarus did not offer to maintain the refugees. It has neither the money nor the strength to do this.

After all, what has been happening in recent months? Due to the West’s maniacal desire to overthrow Lukashenko by arranging an analogue of the Kiev Maidan in Minsk, the EU has imposed sanctions on Belarus. Economic, sectoral and suffocating ones — to make Belarusians impoverished and angry.

Because of these sanctions, for example, Belavia has no right to fly to Europe, and now earns money from other routes. Who will forbid it doing so when the EU is actually ruining it?

Due to these same sanctions, the EU stopped building migrant detention centres in Belarus, having firstly agreed on them and even allocating money to Lukashenko, and then conned him.

And what should Minsk do now with this breach of people on the eve of winter? They do not need to go to Belarus at all, despite all its cleanliness, potatoes and roads. They aspire to go to the “blessed” West – to Germany, France, Italy…

This is the third fault of the European Union: in an attempt to strangle Belarus, it is ready to sacrifice the lives of unfortunate people. And it will kill them all if it’s needed.

Thus it turns out that today the Old World with one hand, through Poland, puts a barrier on the border with Belarus, so that none of the migrants are allowed to come to them. With the other hand, it quietly creates and oversees not quite legitimate structures that smuggle illegal immigrants through the cordon by hook or by crook, while this is money, organisation, connections… And at the same time, it loudly indulges whims about the “hybrid war” and “artificial crisis” that Lukashenko has inflicted on them. And it also brings Russia in all this.

But we understand everything perfectly. And we remember. We have a good memory. And migrants will never forget about it either — all these Muhammads and Abduls who are freezing in the Belarusian forests today, gnawing the crust from a free Belarusian loaf. And one day, already very soon, they will get even with Europe for all this.

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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