A blow from the rear: do the globalists need a Russian vaccine?

MOSCOW, 14 Nov 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

Recently, Roszdravnadzor issued a circular with the requirement to inform the competent authorities of information about citizens who take part in information campaigns to counteract vaccination against COVID-19.

How justified is this measure and what is meant by “counteraction”?

If we are talking, for example, about discussions going on in the medical environment, about vaccinations for those who have been ill (in which the official mouthpiece Aleksandr Myasnikov has just taken part), this is one thing. Medical issues, all the diversity of which boils down to one thing — how best to protect a citizen from the consequences of pandemics, including keeping their immunity at a high level, should be discussed by professionals.

But if we are talking about outright fakes and obvious informational attacks, then this is already a political and criminal-legal issue. This is a question of how to protect society from those who seek to maximise the number of victims of the pandemic.

This issue has been on the agenda for a long time. Contrary to the stereotypes that have developed in certain circles, the specialists of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation were the first to warn about a fake attack on vaccination in Russia.

Almost a year ago, on December 11, 2020, the official representative of the Russian military department, Major General Igor Konashenkov, warned that the “Sputnik V” vaccine would be discredited and defamed not only at the international level, but also within Russia itself.

The General stressed that this campaign is funded by foreign states and is targeted at the population of the Russian Federation: “a series of pseudo-analytical ‘investigations’ and false testimonies of ‘eyewitnesses’ about the alleged danger of the Russian vaccine or universal ‘refusals’ from vaccination is being prepared on social networks and Russian-language Internet resources funded by foreign grants.”

A year has passed, and absolutely everything that the representative of the army warned about has come true. The “Runet” is filled with articles and messages coming from opponents of vaccination, in which the main argument is not medical, but political. The algorithm of this propaganda is based on a kind of “gluing” of real risks and fears of millions of people with fictional facts that have nothing to do with reality.

At the “entrance” is an information field based on a number of topics widely discussed on the Internet and in political circles: about the man-made nature of the pandemic, about the prospects for creating a total control system based on “digital certificates”, about plans for “permanent vaccination”, smoothly transitioning into genome editing processes, and so on and so forth. In short, everything that has been repeatedly voiced by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Raymond Kurzweil, and other representatives of globalist structures.

At the “exit” we observe attempts to attribute these ideologems of globalists to the Kremlin, Putin, the Russian state, to suggest that the Russian authorities are vaccinating not for the sake of protecting the population from the pandemic, but at the behest of globalist structures. Allegedly, in this way, the “directives of the world government” on population reduction are being implemented.

Thus, the headquarters of the information war against the Russian Federation struck from an unexpected direction, betting … on anti-globalism of a conservative, patriotic kind.

This has already happened in our history. In February 1917, the coup d’etat was carried out under the slogans of the fight against “German spies” (the tsar, the tsarina, their immediate entourage), who allegedly prevented Russia from winning the First World War. In fact, patriotic slogans were just strings pulled by foreign puppeteers.

Something similar is happening now. We have before us a classic algorithm of information warfare, when with the help of manipulative technologies, the victim of a propaganda attack is forced to perceive events “exactly the opposite”.

The identification of the “Sputnik” vaccine with the projects of international globalist structures is an attempt to pass off white as black and turn the situation upside down. As we know, the WHO has not yet approved “Sputnik” even for emergency use, although it has agreed to use not only Western, but also Chinese and Indian vaccines. The recognition of “Sputnik” is blocked primarily in the USA and the EU, as well as in those countries that are under their influence. What kind of connection is there with globalist structures?!

It would seem that a powerful information machine has been created in Russia, which would have to correctly place accents. But it turned out that the information activity associated with “Sputnik” initially went mainly to an international audience, and explanatory work within the country was not remembered for a long time. And then it began to be carried out by the forces of TV stars, talk show hosts, actors, in general, anyone but professional doctors. This gave rise to distrust and led to the opposite effect.

The so-called optimisation of healthcare, which has been carried out since 2010, has also made itself felt, which has hurt the entire health protection system and led to a reduction in the bed background, the number of doctors and medical personnel.

And here is the result: vaccination in Russia is slow, a significant part of the population is confused and does not know who to believe. As a result, in the Russian Federation on November 1, the mortality rate from coronavirus is 49 cases per 1 million. The situation is worse only in Moldova (63 cases), Ukraine (71 cases), Romania (146 cases). For comparison, in the UK this figure is 14 cases per million, in Germany — 5. This is despite the fact that the number of cases in the UK detected by various tests is comparable to Russian indicators.

Why is this happening? The reason becomes clear if you compare the percentage of mortality with vaccination rates. In Germany, 70% of the country’s population has been vaccinated, in Italy — 71%, in the UK – 67%. In turn, 32.7% of residents in Russia are fully vaccinated, 32.6% in Romania— 21.7% in Moldova, and only 18% in Ukraine.

Everything is clear with Ukraine — the “failed state” simply does not have the money to do immunisation.

Our situation is different: there is a vaccine, but public opinion is largely disoriented, people’s rational consciousness is clouded by fear.

The hypnosis of propaganda destructive for us continues to work, while our country continues to suffer human losses: unique specialists are passing away. For example, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov has just announced the death of many general designers of defence enterprises from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, our enemies are rubbing their hands. The disruption of vaccination in the Russian Federation and the discrediting of “Sputnik” on a global scale through the argument “your people refused to be vaccinated with this vaccine” is exactly what they need.

There is another aspect. Potentially, certain circles in the American defence agencies that have surrounded our country with a network of biological laboratories may also be interested in an anti-vaccination campaign in Russia.

The scenarios of NATO preparing a biological war against Russia are quite real. It is absolutely no coincidence that a few years ago, American military structures collected genetic samples of Russians on an industrial scale.

Against this background, the failure of vaccination will give our geopolitical opponents a clear signal that the biosecurity system in Russia is weak. And in an extreme situation requiring quick decisions, the country can be caught off guard, with all the ensuing consequences.

Now the distortions in the information sphere have begun to be corrected, however, due to the combination of external factors and our internal omissions, destructive trends in the mass consciousness are difficult to overcome. It seems that against this background, the harsh circular of Roszdravnadzor, with the assessment of which we began our analysis, looks, though forced, but, unfortunately, a necessary measure. I hope it’s not too late.

Elena Panina – Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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