HUNTER: Hamilton Craigslist pedophile sprung from prison

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And then there was one.


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Lock up your kids –four of the five animals convicted of sickening sex assaults on a seven-year-old girl are now walking the street.


To some government bureaucracies, the pandemic has been the greatest thing since bourbon and Coke. None of that accountability nonsense. Lots of rerouting questions. Lots of obfuscation and everything kept nicely behind closed doors.

An Ontario woman, who can’t be named because of a publication ban, found that out this week when she was informed one of the people who sexually molested her niece was slated to walk out of prison on Wednesday.

“The Parole Board of Canada likes to leave things until the last minute,” the aunt told The Toronto Sun. “It was like they didn’t want me to know the exact date.”


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In a letter dated Nov. 9, she was informed Rui DaSilva would be getting day parole.

  1. None

    Hamilton girl, 7, offered online as sex toy: Cops

  2. Prostitute Sonja Lucas who sexually abused and filmed a 7-year-old Hamilton girl being raped was given day parole. The child's family wasn't allowed to attend. FACEBOOK

    HUNTER: Victim’s family barred from Craigslist child rapist’s parole hearing

  3. Repeat sex offender Sonya Lucas was released on day parole. She served just 2.5 years of an 8.5 year sentence. Now, one of her co-accused has also been sprung.

    HUNTER EXCLUSIVE: Craigslist child molester skates from prison

  4. A beautiful day in the neighbourhood as Waseskun Healing Centre where a Hamilton child molester was briefly living before being returned to a medium security prison. CORRECTIONS CANADA

    SUN GETS ACTION: ‘Odious’ Craigslist pedophile sent back to prison

  5. Repeat sex offender Sonya Lucas was released on day parole. She served just 2.5 years of an 8.5 year sentence.

    HUNTER: After slap on the wrist, Craigslist sex offender back on street

Who is Rui DaSilva?

He is the Waterloo man who pleaded guilty to making child pornography and sexual interference in 2017 for his role in the Hamilton Craigslist cabal. DaSilva was sentenced to eight years in prison for sexually abusing the young child.

Is this ringing a bell?

DaSilva and others were arrested and charged with a slew of child sex offences after the little girl’s stepfather advertised her sexual availability on Craigslist.


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Court documents revealed DaSilva travelled twice to Hamilton — once in late 2015 — and the second time in the spring of 2016 with Kitchener prostitute Sonya Lucas on his arm.

Lucas, who had previously been caged for having sex with her own sons, also took part in the stomach-churning activities.

Sonya Lucas was convicted in 2004 of sexually assaulting two teenage boys. FACEBOOK
Sonya Lucas was convicted in 2004 of sexually assaulting two teenage boys. FACEBOOK

When Lucas was last heard from, she was residing in a Dundas halfway house.

And somewhere in the province, a family despairs at the futility of trying to work within a system that doesn’t care about them.

“I give up,” the aunt said. “You put so much energy and effort into this and for what? They’re just going to let them walk free.”

The girl is a teenager now with adolescent worries and problems. She is, her aunt says cautiously, doing okay.


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“She is getting through it, she knows that this is now her life,” the aunt said.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

Back in court four years ago, the little girl was asked to draw a picture of her attackers. The judge noted that the drawing left many in the courtroom in tears.

Ask any cop who has worked with pedophiles and they’ll all pretty much give you the same answer when it comes to these monstrosities — they simply cannot be cured.

Countless families have watched in horror as the twisted men — and some women — are handled by the system with the kind of loving care one would provide a wounded baby bird.

And what about the kids? Their families?

Future victims?

They simply do not seem to matter.

“Three years later, DaSilva is out of jail. You don’t get cured from that in a few years,” the aunt said.



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