City Council wants TTC operators added to province’s ‘right to pee’ bill

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City transit operators aching to answer the call of nature may soon find a Better Way towards relief.

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A motion adopted by Toronto City Council Friday calls on the province to add TTC drivers to Bill 27 — provincial legislation that, among other things, amends existing statutes to require commercial businesses to make restroom facilities available to delivery drivers, truckers and couriers.

“The inability to access public washrooms has been a challenge for Toronto Transit Commission drivers, who at times wait up to two hours before they complete a roundtrip bus route to access a restroom back at a Toronto Transit Commission station,” states the motion tabled by Councillor Paul Ainslie.

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“Inability to access public washrooms while on route, has forced many Toronto Transit Commission drivers to relieve themselves in a uncomfortable and at times unhealthy manner including outdoors, or have forced the avoidance of drinking water at work increasing their susceptibility to bladder infections.”

Female operators — particularly those who are pregnant — are especially at risk due to the lack of toilet access.
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