Accused German cannibal allegedly chopped up victim, scattered pieces around Berlin

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The trial of a Teutonic teacher accused of murder has heard how his alleged victim died of blood loss after his penis was chopped off.

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Stefan Trogisch, 43, was allegedly murdered by school teacher Stefan R, 43, in the latter’s Berlin apartment on Sept. 6, 2020, after reportedly meeting just hours before on a dating app.

According to the German tabloid Bild, an autopsy revealed the cause of death being a loss of blood from the pelvic area because of a severed artery.

Stefan R. had allegedly earlier claimed he discovered the victim dead on the couch following a sex session fueled by drugs and booze. He also allegedly said he cut the victim’s penis off post-mortem fearing saliva on the member might cause him to be revealed as gay.

“I shook him, he didn’t react,” the accused killer previously told the court. “I panicked and did cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

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Stefan R. has previously suggested it was the party cocktail that killed Trogisch. However, that theory was torpedoed by a forensic specialist.

The accused killer allegedly prepared for the date by placing a three-part butcher knife set and a bone saw next to his bedroom cupboard along with a sex swing in the living room, the Daily Mail reported. He also allegedly had a sign in his window that read: “Instructions for emasculating and slaughtering a person.”

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After he was slain, Trogisch’s corpse was chopped into pieces that were then scattered around Berlin. And when the accused killer allegedly finished his vile deeds, he was back on the Internet human slaughter forum.

He wrote: “I have it (the penis) now!”

The accused has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence and says his forays on cannibal forms were just for giggles and fantasies. He never really planned to carry any of the plans to fruition.



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