Portugal makes it illegal for bosses to contact workers after hours

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What would a work day be like if there were no more texts or calls from managers once the day is done?

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That’s what Portugal is about to find out.

In hopes of satisfying employees as well as appealing to foreign workers, the country’s parliament has introduced new labour laws that protect people who do their jobs remotely.

The new rules are a response to the trend of more staff working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Socialist government said, according to the Associated Press .

It acknowledged the benefits of working from home but also saw the drawbacks, hence why legislation needed some reworking.

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Companies will be fined if they disturb the privacy of their staff or their families, so there will be no calls or texts after hours.

The new protections also require employers to pay for any work-from-home expenses such as electricity and Internet.


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