The West is moving towards digital fascism

MOSCOW, 10 Nov 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

The Telegram channel “Telestream” asks important questions. And thanks to it for this, because a correctly asked question is already half of the correct answer. So what’s going on in the world? What has been happening in the world for the last two or three years cannot be called anything other than the onset of digital fascism. I would like to speak about it in a summarised way and, of course, not about everything, just about the main things.

First. In the West, which previously (while the Soviet Union existed) was for freedom of speech and opinion, now censorship in the media is openly introduced. Under the pretext of fighting dissent, news is beginning to be categorised into “truly Aryan” and fake. Moreover, whether news is fake or not is allegedly determined by Google or Yandex algorithms,  but in fact it is not – thousands of people sit and clean the air with their own hands in accordance with the tasks set by the management of private corporations.

Second. Digitalisation is being introduced under the pretext of fighting bureaucracy and simplifying a number of procedures. No one will argue with the fact that this is a good thing. But only in one case – if society understands who controls this, and the state guarantees people fair play. Plus, an important issue is the security of personal data.

In reality, as we can see perfectly well from both Western and Russian experience, there is no security of personal data during digitalisation – it’s scandal after scandal. Moreover, the digitalisation of everyday issues is directly followed by total control over citizens. There are already jokes about the fact that iPhones are listening to their owners, and that Google and Yandex, 5 minutes after their conversation in the kitchen, change their advertising on the pages opened by them.

Third. Dr. Myasnikov’s revelations that the vaccinated ones are as calmly carrying coronavirus as the infected ones, and respectively, infect others, washes away the last hastily riveted stronghold of rational argumentation among supporters of mandatory vaccination. If they are sick, then they should also stay at home.

It turns out that both the artificially created coronavirus and vaccination are two parts of the same operation – a sharp decline in the human population without nuclear war.

Fourth. Intersex and sexual education is undergoing a radical transformation. A boy cannot be called a boy, a father cannot be called a father. А pervert – a pervert. Gender number one and gender number two. Or gender X. Parent number one and parent number two. What is it? The sexual, social, gender and other self-identification of the human being is being destroyed.

Fifth. A total desacralisation of the symbolic and value field is happening in the world. There is the destruction of all kinds of taboos, which are necessary and were developed by the entire history of human civilisation. If taboos are removed, then a person turns into an animal.

Sixth. Education is being destroyed. The animal does not need education. In the Metaverse, you can live in a feeding cradle. And everything is going in this direction.

Seventh. Culture and art are being destroyed, even in that degenerate form a la “rock and roll is alive” and in the ocean of pop. It turns out that even this “human, too human”  is subject to total destruction. Instead, characters like Dani Milokhin are pushed forward, with the doors of all TV and radio broadcasts being opened in front of them.

Isn’t that politics? Isn’t that an ideology? Can anyone say that all this happens by chance, such a Brownian movement of tectonic value and other plates of civilisation?

That is, there is a conscious, centralised attack on the key foundations of human civilisation in the world. The actors of this attack are quite powerful, have the necessary organisational, financial, political forces and means to carry it out on a worldwide scale. Nation-states are clearly playing the second role, are on the defensive and are forced to pursue contradictory policies on key issues.

Who is behind this. There is a narrative that after WWII, the Americans, having brought Nazi criminals into the country, lost the war of ideas to them, and the fascists began to gradually come to power in the United States, recruiting their supporters through closed clubs and elite schools. And the deep state, in fact, consists of a group of crypto-fascists who want to return to power, only this time over the whole world. It is clear that only the renewed Soviet Union can resist this.

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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