Woman with ex’s name tattooed on her back still has it a year later

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Remember Scottie from the movie comedy Meet the Millers and his huge misspelled “No Ragrets” tattoo on his upper chest?

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Well, one TikTok user is actually claiming no regrets — spelled properly — after she got an enormous skin tag of her boyfriend’s name — ALEXANDER — on her back one week before they split, according to the New York Post .

The user in question, 21-year-old Ashlyn Grace — who uses they/them pronouns — displayed it all on their TikTok account, @..ashlyngrace

Grace posted a video, eventually watched by 7.2 million people, accompanied by the Lizzo song Rumors , with text that read: “I heard you got a tattoo of your ex’s name and y’all broke up a week later.”

When their followers asked to see proof, the 21-year-old did so in a follow-up clip beginning with her saying: “Don’t be alarmed, it’s a bit big,”

Turns out, you can see the name, ALEXANDER, stretched from the tip of their neck to the top of their tailbone.

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“Not the Times New Roman size 48 font! Why?!” one funny follower exclaimed, reported the New York Post .

More resourceful followers suggested Grace add the surname of a famous Alexander — Graham Bell, Hamilton and the Great — to the bottom of the tattoo to remove any reference to her ex.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

But despite the outrage of the 11.2 million people who have now watched the tattoo reveal clip, Grace said they don’t regret the major ink of her ex at all.

“Almost a year later and I still don’t regret it,” they said, according to the New York Post.

“It’s been 11 months (and) I still have no ideas or any desire to find a cover-up artist.”


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