Scottish school follows Spain’s example for Wear A Skirt To School Day

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A Scottish primary school has asked male and female students — and teachers — to wear skirts to school in an initiative designed to promote equality.

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In an effort to show “tolerance and respect” a P6 class of 10-year-old students at the Edinburgh school came up with the idea.

It’s an offshoot of   “ Wear A Skirt To School Day” in Spain, which is held Nov. 4 in solidarity with a teenage boy, Mikel Gomez, who wore a skirt to class to support diversity and feminism in October last year.

Gomez was expelled from school and sent to a psychologist for his efforts.

As the Times Educational Supplement reports, Gomez turned to Tik Tok to explain what happened, and his video went viral .

Protests followed, and starting in 2020, male students and teachers in Spain wear skirts to school on November 4.

Math teacher Jose Pinas was one of the first teachers to take part, and tweeted a picture of himself in a skirt, in the classroom , which also went viral.

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It’s all to educate kids about respect and tolerance in the face of homophobic bullying.

Following that example, Castleview Primary school in Edinburgh invited all to follow suit and wear skirts on Nov. 4, “to promote equality.”

The school also tweeted how proud it was of the P6 class who support the “Clothes Have No Gender” (#LaRopaNoTieneGenero) movement with this skirt-wearing initiative.

The Daily Mail reports that an email to parents from Castleview said it wanted children to be comfortable taking part and that trousers and leggings could be worn under the skirts if needed.

Children were told they could get skirts to wear from the school if there were none at home.

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The school email emphasized, “We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality. We are keen to spread the message that clothes don’t have a gender and that we should all be free to express ourselves as we choose.”

Edinburgh city council said students do not have to participate if they don’t want to, adding that the city is “fully committed to promoting equality.”

Not all parents were on board with the skirt idea, but city council has said the school got positive feedback from parents.


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