Man finds bear feeding on his KFC

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This intruder may have come in for honey but settled for 11 herbs and spices

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On Oct. 28, a California man came home to find a small bear on the counter chowing down on his bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Instead of fleeing the man videoed the paw-licking-good incident and it has since gone viral .

A video of the paw-licking-good incident is currently blowing up online.

The bear had gotten into everything in the kitchen.

“They sure made a mess of the place,” John Holden of Sierra Madre told his local ABC outlet. Holden said there was another animal in the house and one more outside.

He said it was like a reverse “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” scenario. Holden has had encounters with bears before, just not in his house.

He got rid of the bears by making loud noises.


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