LILLEY: Climate campaigners are coming for your meat next

A major push from COP26 in Glasgow includes nagging us to give up meat

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Forget about being told to drive less, drive an electric car, give up your beach vacation and wear a sweater before turning up the heat. The mud hut brigade is now coming for your dinner.


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A major push coming out of the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, will be nagging you to give up meat to save the planet.

Methane is the new big culprit and to cut emissions, we need to cut down on cattle, sheep and goats.

There has been a push from the environmental crusaders to adopt a vegetarian diet — or at least Meatless Mondays — for some time now, but after Glasgow and the agreement to cut methane emissions, the push will be harder.

Ordering a burger will soon come with a solid shaming from those wanting you to consider how many cow farts went into producing that tasty sirloin chuck.

And don’t you dare think about putting cheese on it either, because the zealots also don’t like dairy.

At the Glasgow summit, each menu option laid out exactly how much carbon was used to create it.

You thought the calorie count on a menu was a bit of fat-shaming, welcome to the climate-shaming over meat.

Even with that, and even with the use of mostly local ingredients — aren’t we supposed to eat local? — activists slammed the menu.


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“The utterly reckless inclusion of meat, seafood and dairy on the COP26 catering menu is a damning indictment of the U.K. government’s utter failure to grasp the root cause of the climate crisis,” said Joel Scott-Halke, a spokesman for the group Animal Rebellion.

“It’s like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference. As long as such illogical decisions are being made, the climate emergency will never be resolved.”

It’s not just extremists like Animal Rebellion pushing this agenda, it reaches far and wide. The United Nations adopted as official policy that people should eat less meat.

Thankfully, most of us don’t live our lives according to the whims of the United Nations.

If we were more like them, we’d be flying all over the world to lecture other people on the need to give up their car, not have more than one child and definitely not to have a steak or cheeseburger.


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The UN crowd that gathered in Glasgow though can’t be taken seriously when they wag the finger at us. More than 400 private jets arrived for the COP26 conference.

Have they heard of Zoom?

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

Of course they have, but video conferencing is for the little people, not them. The most shocking thing about COP26 wasn’t the hypocrisy, it was that they actually met in cold, damp Glasgow instead of a tropical paradise.

Have no fear, the next meeting is in Sharm El-Sheikh, an Egyptian oasis on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula.

It’s a good life being a climate change campaigner — the travel, the luxurious accommodations, the sense of moral superiority. In addition to all of that, plenty of people have become quite wealthy scolding others on how to live their lives.

Now the scolding will involve your diet, and not in that you-could-lose-a-few-pounds kind of way.

The thing to remember is that the activists pushing all of this won’t be happy until you give up every aspect of modern life — not that they will follow suit, but they’re convinced that you should.

As with most scolds, the best reaction is none at all. Ignore them and enjoy that burger.


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