Biden can’t hold on to power: Americans vote against Democrats

MOSCOW, 05 Nov 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

In the US state of Virginia, on November 2, the gubernatorial elections were held, in which the Republican Party candidate Glenn Youngkin won. In my opinion, it is extremely important to reveal why these elections have become fundamental for the United States on a national scale and will potentially even affect US policy conducted in the international arena.

The attention of the entire star-spangled country was focused on the election in Virginia. Republicans have not won this state since 2009, and in the 2020 presidential election Joe Biden won against Donald Trump by a significant margin.

Republican candidate, businessman Glenn Youngkin opposed the former governor, Democrat Terry McAuliffe. However, the essence of the matter was not in the personalities, but in the policy that was promoted by the candidates, and an unusual criminal incident that stirred up half of the country.

The fact is that Terry McAuliffe pursued a policy that clearly corresponded to the trend set by US President Joe Biden. The White House did not remain in debt – Joe Biden himself and Vice President Kamala Harris came to Virginia to support him.

Then, during one of her speeches, she said: “What happens in Virginia will largely determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and beyond,” referring to the Congressional and the next US presidential election.

Terry McAuliffe has consistently advocated mandatory vaccination, a mask regime even for children in schools and permits for abortions at any time. He tried to intimidate the public by referring to the support that Glenn Youngkin enlisted from Trump, counting on the fact that the fear of Trump, which was dispersed by the media in 2020, still remained with wavering voters.

In addition, the notorious Critical Racial Theory, which categorically blames today’s white Americans for all the years of slavery of the black population, has become a matter of principle.

Liberals took elected positions on the state’s school boards in 2019, and since then have been imposing its teaching in one form or another, which has become a common phenomenon for all of the United States, called the “Culture War”. Terry McAuliffe explicitly stated during the debate that parents should not interfere with what their children are taught at school.

In turn, Glenn Youngkin opposed mandatory vaccination and a mask regime. He openly supported conservative parents who began actively pressuring school boards to stop classes where whites were taught to apologise for their skin colour.

Of particular importance to this issue was the incident that occurred on June 22 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Then, at a school board meeting, a middle-aged plumber named Scott Smith was arrested, who shouted that his daughter had been raped. Footage of his harsh detention was used by liberal media as evidence of aggressive behaviour of conservative parents against school boards.

On September 29, the National Association of School Boards sent a letter to the Joe Biden administration, where it was requested to involve FBI agents to protect school board members from “extremist” parents, and possible acts of aggression should be considered as “internal terrorism”.

Three days later, US Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a special memorandum, according to which the National Security Service, the FBI and other federal agencies will investigate the “surge in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence” against school board members.

However, it later became known that the National Association of School Boards had coordinated the text of their letter with the White House in advance, and Merrick Garland’s son-in-law and daughter run a firm that distributes methodological materials on critical racial theory.

The US Attorney General had to comment on these details during a hearing in Congress. Merrick Garland admitted to congressmen that, apart from a letter from the National Association of School Boards, he had no other grounds for signing a special memorandum.

He refused to be checked for a conflict of interest in connection with his position on the letter of the National Association of School Boards and the activities of his daughter and son-in-law, to which he was told that it was because of such behaviour that the people were losing confidence in the authorities.

Representatives of the Democratic Party pointed out that the “Culture War” is being fanned by Republicans absolutely in vain. In particular, former US President Barack Obama, who also spoke in support of Terry McAuliffe during the electoral campaign, said this.

Just a few days after this statement, it became known that the suspect in the rape of Scott Smith’s daughter was taken into custody. The scandal is that there was a rape of a girl, and the school administration knew about it, but hid from the federal government the fact of rape by a transgender boy wearing a skirt, he was not even isolated, but was transferred to another school, where he made two more rape attempts.

Naturally, this news resonated with the entire conservative public in the United States – Scott Smith turned into a victim of the regime, and Glenn Youngkin earned the support of parents who took care of the safety of their children, and even those who previously voted for the Democrats. In the end, Glenn Youngkin won with 50.8% of the vote against the 48.4% of Terry McAuliffe.

In general, the Democratic Party clearly overestimated its victory in the 2020 election, which, in fact, did not happen, since it lost the majority of re-elected seats in Congress, reducing its advantage to a minimum not seen for many years. The Democratic Party took the dizziness of Joe Biden’s victory, the honesty of which still remains in doubt, as a carte blanche for conducting leftist politics.

Of course, the Joe Biden administration had to repay the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for their coordination with the BLM movement against then-President Donald Trump. Therefore, the leadership of the Democratic Party not only gave the Senate Budget Committee to Bernie Sanders, but also went to a meeting with “progressives” on migration policy, minority policy.

Joe Biden, by his personal decree, allowed transgender people into women’s sports. These actions sharply swung the Democratic Party to the left, which was not expected and not approved by those who simply voted against Donald Trump, after pumping up the media with hysteria about the 45th US president in 2020.

Now that Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the Virginia gubernatorial election, there is an active search for those to blame within the Democratic Party, and all this against the background of the fact that due to banal distrust, centrists and progressives of the party cannot agree on two infrastructure bills for $1.2 and $1.7 trillion.

It turned out that Joe Biden, who promised to reconcile Republicans and Democrats when he took office, is unable to reconcile the two wings of his own party. As a result, the image of the United States in the international arena suffers, since Joe Biden went to the climate summit in Glasgow without approved funding for the green transition program in his own country.

The experience of the election in Virginia has shown that for the Democratic Party, the 2022 Congressional elections will be very difficult, and advertising from Joe Biden, whose approval rating has fallen lower than that of all previous US presidents since World War II, will play a minus, not a plus.

Only 36% of supporters of the Democratic Party believe that Joe Biden should be re-elected in the 2024 election, 44% believe that there should be another candidate. This suggests that for the elderly leadership of the Democratic Party, the moment is approaching when they will hear from the “progressives” the phrase known to us who lived in the USSR – “Party, let us drive.”

According to polls conducted by NBC in October, only 22% of Americans believe that the country is moving in the right direction, 71% think the opposite. The main part of the dissenters are Republicans – 93%, among independent voters – 70%, but even among Democrats, almost half – 48% – also believe that the country is going the wrong way.

In addition, the same poll shows that Americans trust the Republican Party more on the issue of border security, law and order, inflation control and the economy, and most importantly, the ability to bring their plans to an end. According to the respondents, the Democratic Party is doing well on the issue of climate change and the fight against coronavirus.

There is no doubt that ordinary Americans will have the priority of the economy over the issue of climate change. Therefore, the Republican Party can count on a significant victory following the results of the 2022 Congressional elections and even in the 2024 presidential election, since there is very little chance that the Joe Biden administration will cope with accelerated inflation in the coming years.

Thus, the shadow of Donald Trump hangs over the 2024 presidency of 2024 United States, with all the ensuing geopolitical consequences. Even if it is another candidate from the Republican Party, we can say with a high degree of confidence that after 2024 the United States will abandon the methane reduction agreement that was signed between the United States and the EU.

The thing is that Republicans are long-time lobbyists of fossil fuel companies, and this agreement leads not only to an increase in the cost of oil production, but also to the unprofitability of shale production, since it is almost impossible to capture methane at a variety of wells that need to be done during fracking technology. Republicans have previously publicly opposed Joe Biden’s “green deal.”

Accordingly, Joe Biden’s other initiatives in the international arena will need to be evaluated with a discount on the position of the Republican Party, especially in those issues where former US President Donald Trump voiced the corresponding position.

PS. In parallel with the election in Virginia, the election of the governor of New Jersey was held. At the last 20% of the vote count, a Democrat got ahead, and the media rushed to declare him as the winner, but at the time of writing the official vote count has not yet ended.

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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