LILLEY: Trudeau needs facetime with Biden and so far, he’s failing

Breadcrumb Trail Links Columnists Canada Author of the article: Brian Lilley Publishing date: Nov 01, 2021  •  28 minutes ago  •  3 minute read  •  Join the conversation U.S. President Joe Biden shakes hands with French President Emmanuel Macron as Democratic Republic of the Congo President Felix Tshisekedi looks on during a family photo session on […]

Federal employees rack up $1.3 billion in COVID furlough leave

Breadcrumb Trail Links Reopening Canada News Canada Furloughs were for employees who were not sick, and not working from home Author of the article: Scott Laurie Canadian currency Photo by Getty Images /Toronto Sun Article content Federal employees billed almost $1.3 billion in COVID furloughs during the first 16 months of the pandemic, according to […]

Parkdale Collegiate teacher sent home amid ‘blackface’ investigation

Breadcrumb Trail Links Toronto & GTA Ontario News “What was he thinking really, is my question” Author of the article: Scott Laurie Publishing date: Nov 01, 2021  •  4 hours ago  •  2 minute read  •  15 Comments Students at Parkdale Collegiate are angry after a teacher sported blackface to school Friday, triggering an uproar and […]

OH, THE HYPOCRISY: Private jets pack Scotland’s climate conference

Article content The climate summit kicked off Monday in Scotland, with leaders from the countries signed on to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Climate Agreement in attendance. Article content Activists will also be at the 12-day conference, and while they will be urging others to eat less meat and cut […]

Ford government set to hike minimum wage to $15 an hour

Breadcrumb Trail Links Ontario News Announcement expected as early as Tuesday Author of the article: Scott Laurie Publishing date: Nov 01, 2021  •  7 hours ago  •  1 minute read  •  40 Comments Premier Doug Ford. Photo by File photo /Postmedia Article content Premier Doug Ford will vow to raise Ontario’s minimum wage to $15, effective […]

HUNTER: Cops hope killing days of October fade with the weather

Breadcrumb Trail Links Toronto & GTA Crime Author of the article: Brad Hunter Douglas Devlin, 54, was fatally shot at Kennedy-Ellesmere Rds. on Oct. 29, 2021. Photo by Toronto Police /Toronto Sun Article content The grim carnage ravaging the streets of the GTA over the past 10 days comes with a question mark. Advertisement Story […]

UDDER SHOCK: Milk prices set to ‘skyrocket’ in new year

Article content There’s a cereal killer on the loose — named the Canadian Dairy Commission. Article content Indeed, the latest grocery item set to soar in price is milk. If only 1% and 2% represented the planned increases and not the milk-fat content. No such luck. The CDC — a Crown corporation that sets the […]

TTC operators refusing work over hack-related radio disruptions

Breadcrumb Trail Links Toronto & GTA Drivers are being asked to use personal cellphones until communications are restored Author of the article: Bryan Passifiume Publishing date: Nov 01, 2021  •  15 minutes ago  •  2 minute read  •  16 Comments Buses wait to go into service at the Comstock TTC yards. Photo by Jack Boland /Toronto […]

BONOKOSKI: Freeland’s vanity poll not what she was expecting

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Canada Author of the article: Mark Bonokoski Publishing date: Nov 01, 2021  •  9 minutes ago  •  3 minute read  •  6 Comments Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talk to families virtually in Ottawa, April 21, 2021. Photo by Blair Gable /REUTERS / FILES Article content “The […]