Is Armenia an independent state?

MOSCOW, 30 Oct 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute. Everywhere and always, the concept of independence is closely related to self-reliance. Especially if it concerns the internal affairs of any state. Of course, any policy, as it’s known, is primarily the art of the possible. Therefore, it is often necessary to cover your own steps in the press, […]

What does Erdogan expect from the operation in Syria?

MOSCOW, 30 Oct 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute. Turkey has begun preparations for a new military operation against Kurdish groups in northern Syria. Resolutions providing for the extension of the authorities’ powers to send troops to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have been submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly for a vote. The document signed by President […]

This “homeless nationality” terrifies the American establishment

MOSCOW, 30 Oct 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute. The US State Department recently ranked Russian citizens who want to apply for an American immigration visa as Homeless Nationalities. To this category, the State Department refers citizens of those states in which there is no US consular representation or where there is an unstable political situation that does […]