Couple who met at Subway tie the knot — and grab some subs

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They found love at the sub counter.

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Two people in Michigan went to a Subway for some food back on Dec. 8, 2017 and it ended up being the first step to an eventual marriage.

Julie Bushart Williams and Zack Williams believe it was destiny that brought them together, they wrote on The Knot .

“We both agree that 12/8/2017 was fate and God had a plan to put us in each other’s paths that day for a reason,” they said.

Bushart had been shopping with her mother, while Williams went a bit further than usual for lunch that fateful day.

Julie spotted a “good-looking guy” in front of her in line. Her mother encouraged her to make a move.

“My mom starts nudging me uncontrollably as I try not to start giggling,” Julie said on The Knot. “After he got his food, he went to sit down. So we decided to do the same.”

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Julie still wouldn’t make a move, but eventually, her mother suggested they write her number on a receipt. Because Julie is shy, her mother ended up giving out her number in the parking lot.

“When he got up to leave, I never saw my mom move so fast,” Julie recalled. “She caught up to him before he got into his car (as I’m watching from inside, absolutely mortified) and gave him my number.”

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“He called me a half-hour later and the rest is history,” she added. “Talk about the ultimate wing-MOM! Our first date was two days later.”

The couple ended up dating for nearly four years before getting married last Friday. First they had a Subway-themed photo shoot, of course.

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