Putin laid claim to world ideological leadership

MOSCOW, 26 Oct 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Valdai Forum once again emphasised the consistency of the Russian leader’s position on a number of issues on both the international and domestic agenda. This suggests that this position is the result of a thoughtful choice and long-term reflection, which, in the course of the aggravation of a number of world problems, are gaining new confirmations in the correctness of the original postulates. One of them is a bet on enlightened and moderate conservatism.

What kind of conservative model can Russia offer to the world? First of all, conservatism is about values. Conservative values are the state, family, home, work, God, a clear understanding of their “gender” role (man and woman), without any intermediate and other psychopathological destructive forms. And these values require not only passive protection, but also active struggle: “We need to fight for genuine values, defending them with all our might,” Putin said.

That is, Vladimir Putin says that we will not lock ourselves in our own house, like saying it’s no concern of ours, and passively observe what is happening in the world, but we will clearly articulate our position on the moral and ethical problems of the modern world and will offer it to other countries for adoption as a model.

Moreover, the position of the West today is not so strong as it was 20-30 years ago: “those who after the end of the cold war felt like winners… soon felt that on this Olympus too the ground is about to crumble under the feet – this time for them”, said the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin emphasizes certain points:  it’s not TNCs, but nationalist states that will remain the units of the world order. Corporations will not succeed to usurp “political functions” and stand on a par with the state.

The technological revolution should not lead to a transformation of the understanding of what a human being is and what is their destiny. A human being cannot be clogged in the Matrix and the meaning of their life reduced to a nutritious broth to ensure the existence of robotic and digital devices.

On the contrary, in the course of information technology and digital transformation of the world, “the importance of solid support” on the existing and developed by human civilisation over the centuries value foundation increases. And if in the West this foundation is being eroded by the LGBT, transgender and other agenda, then Russia has its own way.

The path that the West has embarked on is the path of destruction – foundations, traditions, the very image of the human being. We will not follow it and call on others, those who have preserved these foundations, to join us. For example, China.

Currently, all of this is being said softly, without loud slogans. But it’s precisely like that that one should talk to smart people. V. Putin does not address everyone, but those who are ready to hear. Those who are already mature for certain steps and decisions, but who are not yet sure of their rightness. The President shows the correctness and adequacy of such a position in front of new challenges and says in plain text that Russia is ready to become a new ark of human civilisation, but only for those who accept our traditions, foundations, morals and rules.

Russian Demiurge @rus_demiurge specially for Druid @wisedruidd

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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