Ontario to announce pandemic exit plans on Friday

Breadcrumb Trail Links Ontario Ford has broadly hinted that his government will address capacity limits in restaurants, gyms and similar settings Author of the article: Antonella Artuso Publishing date: Oct 21, 2021  •  38 minutes ago  •  2 minute read  •  67 Comments Ontario Premier Doug Ford attends a press briefing at Queen’s Park in Toronto, […]

Axe-wielding break-in bandit got away clean — for now

Breadcrumb Trail Links Toronto & GTA Crime Police allege Gary Prince, 29, showered before leaving home he’s accused of breaking into Author of the article: Bryan Passifiume Gary Prince, 29, of Toronto is wanted in connection to an Oct. 16 break-in where he took a shower before taking the owner’s money and jewelry. Photo by […]

Quebec parents, schools upset to learn students play ‘Squid Game’ during recess

Article content Netflix series Squid Game has become such a global phenomenon, people everywhere are attempting to play a less deadly version — including schoolchildren. Article content The very adult South Korean show depicts hundreds of cash-strapped characters competing in children’s games for a chance to escape severe debt. If they fail, they are killed. […]

HUNTER: CONFIRMED! Florida remains are Brian Laundrie

Breadcrumb Trail Links World Crime Author of the article: Brad Hunter Publishing date: Oct 21, 2021  •  6 hours ago  •  3 minute read  •  14 Comments Gabby Petito is pictured in a photo provided by the FBI. Photo by handout /FBI Article content And this is how it ends. Advertisement Story continues below This advertisement […]

BATRA’S BURNING QUESTIONS: Inflation Crisis Rocks Canada — but where’s Trudeau?

Article content WATCH BELOW as the Sun’s Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Batra suggests Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government better start thinking about monetary policy because Canadians are feeling the pain of inflation. How are you saving? Tweet and Facebook us your tips and hacks! And don’t forget to subscribe to our  YouTube Channel. 

LILLEY: Trudeau government’s $7.4B in spending shows disdain for Parliament

Breadcrumb Trail Links Columnists Canada Author of the article: Brian Lilley Publishing date: Oct 21, 2021  •  9 hours ago  •  3 minute read  •  22 Comments Liberal Leader Minister Justin Trudeau is pictured while campaigning in Candiac, Que., on Sept. 12, 2021. Photo by Reuters /Toronto Sun Article content Once upon a time, a government […]

POLITICALLY INCORRECT? Meghan blasted for diving head-first into world of politics

Article content Royals don’t typically engage in political matters, so it should come as no surprise that Meghan Markle’s letter to U.S. politicians is being slammed. Article content Meghan sent the 1,000-plus-words missive to politicians Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, campaigning for paid parental leave. Critics […]

Couple killed by vehicle two days after getting married

A newlywed couple didn’t even get any time to enjoy their nuptials. Two days after getting married, Jessiah Plemons, 31, and Lily Rose, 25, were killed, along with 23-year-old Madison Davis in Knoxville, Tenn. Early Sunday, the trio exited their car and were hit and killed by another vehicle, according to police. The preliminary investigation […]

TRUDEAU IN THE RED: Didn’t PM promise balanced budgets?

Article content WATCH BELOW as Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein does the political arithmetic that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be calculating. Trudeau’s myriad false promises about balancing the budget, at this point, have just become a punchline. With inflation spiking, supply and demand in crisis, and his irresponsible handling of the COVID file, there is […]