Hard-working newcomers needed: Ford

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Ontario has a serious labour shortage and needs more workers from around the world, Premier Doug Ford says.

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However, the premier said newcomers shouldn’t expect a free ride when they arrive.

“You know what our biggest problem is right now? We need people,” Ford said Monday. “I just have one criteria — you come here like every other new Canadian has come here. You work your tail off. If you think you’re coming to collect the dole and sit around — not going to happen. Go somewhere else.”

The province is short a couple hundred-thousand people, lacking tradespeople in particular, and so he will be reaching out to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help resolve the situation, he said.

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Ford noted the province is building a significant amount of infrastructure including roads, transit and hospitals which will all require workers.

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According to Statistics Canada, the country accepted 184,624 immigrants last year, roughly half the previous year’s total and far less than the pre-pandemic target of 341,000.

Meanwhile, business groups have been warning that a labour shortage is hurting the economic recovery.



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