Senior military commander says over 90 per cent of personnel are vaccinated

A senior military commander who overseas training and operations from the West coast to Thunder Bay says he doesn’t expect much opposition from Canadian Forces personnel over mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Ottawa is requiring that federal employees, including members of the military, be fully vaccinated by the end of this month.

The government also expects employers in federally regulated industries, including banks and airlines, to do the same.

Brigadier General Bill Fletcher, who’s responsible for Western Canada’s 3rd Canadian Division, oversees the training of Canadian soldiers and operations from the Pacific Ocean to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

There are almost 12-thousand regular and reserve forces under his control.

Fletcher says more than 90 percent of Canadian military personnel are already fully vaccinated and he’s not worried about any pushback from what he calls a small percentage.

He says people will have to decide whether they’ll be vaccinated — especially if they hope to be deployed into areas where it’s required at the international level.


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