Kingston police officer injured during ‘volatile’ homecoming gathering

Kingston Police say an officer was hospitalized after projectiles were thrown at police during Queen’s University’s unofficial homecoming weekend.

Community programs officer Greg Anderson says Kingston General Hospital treated the officer, but could not share what kind of injuries he had sustained.

Anderson linked the officer’s injuries to large crowds that are swarming the city’s university district and turning “volatile.”

Police declared the gathering an “aggravated nuisance party” using a bylaw that allowed them to fine attendees up to $2,000 each and a court summons for a $10,000 fine for organizers. They were able to lift that declaration by the early evening when groups dispersed.

Police haven’t said whether anyone else was injured, or if there were any arrests or charges as a result of the gathering.

Queen’s University opted against holding its typical in-person homecoming event this weekend for a second year in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but unofficial festivities went ahead anyways.

The university tweeted a brief statement, condemning the misogynistic signs that were visible outside some residences in the University District as well as the attack on police.

“These actions will be actively pursued under our Student Code of Conduct.”


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