What’s the deal with Twitter’s red flag trend?

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If you’re on Twitter and have seen a number of red flags on your feed but don’t know why, well, we’re here to explain.

The trend of multiple red flag emojis, which began this month, typically follows a line of text, and is meant to express a warning or angry reaction – which is in keeping with Dictionary.com’s definition describing “red flag” a danger signal or something that provokes an angry or hostile reaction.

According to the Mary Sue , the trend started among Black Twitter users who were sharing their dating trials and tribulations, using red flags to stress just how bad dating can get.

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But as the trend quickly grew, all Twitter users began using it for other not-so-positive things they felt needed to showcase. And then that rapidly became jokes as anyone with a sarcastic sense of humour began to use it on just about everything.

Like this, for example. (You’re welcome.)

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Even Twitter is also poking fun at the trend – and itself.

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According to CNET , Twitter has seen a 455% increase in the last week of tweets using the red flag emoji in the U.S.


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