Ford vows to match any fed cut in gas carbon tax

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford vowed to match any reduction in the federal carbon tax in response to rising gas prices.

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Ford said he gets along with the Justin Trudeau government on many issues but will never support its carbon pricing plan.

“I will match every single penny— here’s a challenge — every single penny the federal government deducts off their tax,” Ford said Friday. “We need to make sure we have competitive gas prices and the government not gouging the people because it affects every single aspect of life here in Ontario and across the country.

The Trudeau government’s carbon pollution pricing program applies escalating charges to fuels and returns the proceeds to individuals, families and businesses in payments or through the delivery of climate change programs.

Ford said he has repeatedly warned that the federal carbon tax on gas, at about 10 cents a litre, would drive up costs for consumers including groceries and commuting.

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“I challenged it in court — I lost in court unfortunately,” he said. “The carbon tax is the single worst tax on the backs of Canadians that’s ever existed.”

Ford said he has already lowered gas tax by 4.3%.

“I promised 10 cents,” Ford said. “We’re going to commit to that promise.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) said it was pleased that Ford was recommitting himself to an election promise to reduce the provincial gas excise tax by 5.7 cents a litre.

“With Ontarians now facing the highest gas prices in the history of the province, taxpayers desperately need relief,” CTF Interim Ontario Directior Jay Goldberg said in a statement. “After three years of waiting, it’s time for the government to act.”


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