Red fox missing from the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is asking the public to keep an eye out for their missing red fox, Todd.

Todd escaped from the east-end Zoo in mid-September by finding a weakness in his enclosure. “Despite extensive searches of the area, he has not yet been found,” wrote the Toronto Zoo in a social media post on Friday.

The young rehabilitated red fox was taken in by the Toronto Wildlife Centre after he was found in Milton late last year.

Believed to have likely been hand-raised, due to his intrepid demeanor towards people, the Toronto Zoo decided to provide him with a home in their former wolf habitat this past summer.

“Keepers outfitted the space to encourage natural behaviour, including dens to shelter in and various elevations to explore,” reads the post. “On the night of September 12, he dug a deep hole and found a gap to squeeze through.”

And while the zookeepers have been keeping an eye out for signs of his return, they hope as a creature native to Ontario, he will be able to adapt to wildlife.

“If you come across an animal that you suspect is orphaned, or an animal that is not behaving normally, please contact professionals, such as our colleagues at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, rather than trying to help them yourself,” the Zoo asks, adding that if you live in the area and come across a fox that is acting tame or approaches you, to contact them.


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