RANKED: The Canadian stadiums that offer the best fan experience

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Which Canadian stadium has the best fan experience in the country?

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Which one is known for its great grub and drink?

A recent new study, commissioned by Gambling.com, took a look at the whole sports fan experience post-pandemic, examining the top 50 stadiums across the nation to come up with the No. 1 stadium in Canada for best fan experience: Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.

Gambling.com determined the winner by evaluating a variety of factors — including stadium capacity, parking prices, and eating and drinking options — and ranked them in an index with a maximum of 350 points.

Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium racked up a whopping  235 points, scoring the most for best parking opportunities as well as local food options — not to mention local bars in the area for after-game parties.

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Vancouver’s BC Place came in second thanks to cheap parking prices and excellent crowd capacity, while Victoria’s Royal Athletic Park came in third.

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Toronto’s Rogers Centre finished in fifth place. Ontario overall ranked high for its strong presence of two top-tiered stadiums within the city limits (BMO Field came in 10th out of the 50 stadiums.)

“If you’re in Ontario, you lucked out as 19 of the top 50 stadiums are located in this province,” noted a recent Gambling.com release. “It’s clear Canada’s East Coast stadiums are among the best for fan experiences overall! What’s more is that Toronto happens to be one of the best cities for sports fans based on a study performed earlier in the year.”

On the meal front, the study also analyzed the number of food reviews from eateries found around each of the stadiums, revealing who ranks the best — and the worst — when it came to grabbing a bite to eat. (Eatery choices included everything from burger joints and gourmet steak houses to Caribbean cuisine to good old-fashioned pubs, giving fans a broad range of choices.)

Turns out baseball stadiums ranked the highest for the number of food and drink venues — and for offering the tastiest food choices.

Of the top 10 for food choices, the best was given to the Amedee Roy Stadium in Sherbrooke, Que., while the not-so-great came down to Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.

Enough to make you cry in your beer!


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