Kevin J. Johnston, convicted hate peddler, hit with 18-month jail term

Johnston was convicted of breaching a 2019 court order forbidding him from defaming restauranteur Mohamad Fakih

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Anti-lockdown crusader and convicted hate peddler Kevin J. Johnston was handed his most serious sentence yet in a Toronto courtroom Monday.

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Justice Fred Myers sentenced Johnston to 18 months in jail for six separate breaches of a 2019 court order forbidding him from continuing to defame restauranteur Mohamad Fakih.

“Almost all of the evidence against Mr. Johnston comes from his own mouth,” Myers said in his scathing, hour-long judgment, describing Johnston as a “social media performer” who fancies himself a journalist.

In May 2019, Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson ordered Johnston to pay Paramount Fine Foods owner Fakih $2.5 million for repeatedly describing him as a “baby killer,” “murderer” and financier of Islamic terrorism.

Part of that judgment included a permanent order forbidding Johnston from continuing to defaming Fakih, an order he was found guilty of violating in July.

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Johnston, 49, was silent during the proceedings, chewing on his knuckles while sitting in front of a green backdrop.

Myers maintained Johnston was unrepentant in his actions.

“His main sentencing submission is that if only he could be provided with a list of things he cannot say, he will not say them,” the judge said.

“Justice Ferguson did list the statements she found to be defamatory — my decision holding Mr. Johnston in contempt of court left no possibility of doubt.”

Johnston currently lives in Calgary, where he’s running for mayor in this month’s municipal election.

Monday’s decision comes a few weeks after an Alberta court judge sentenced Johnston to a 40-day term for breaching court orders related to violating that province’s public health measures.

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He also pleaded guilty in Brampton court last month for willfully promoting hatred of Muslims online, and in July admitted his guilt for harassing an Alberta Health Services employee.

Johnston also awaits a December court appearance for allegedly assaulting a Dawson Creek, B.C. grocery store employee earlier this year.

Myers maintains Johnston has only himself to blame for his troubles.

“He says he’s been painted as a bad person by the liberal media,” he said.

“If Mr. Johnston’s portrait has been painted, he supplied the paint.”
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