Raccoons scarf down free meal left on Toronto porch by Door Dash

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Torontonians are discovering there is a downside to using food delivery apps like Door Dash and Skip The Dishes.

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Porch pirates. But not necessarily the two-legged variety.

Nope, these thieves aren’t hungry humans, they are furry, four-legged bandits — raccoons.

According to Blog TO, a trio of trash pandas tore into a hot meal sitting on the porch of a house in the Lower Jarvis and the Esplanade area, where it was left by an unsuspecting food delivery driver. And the whole unsavory incident, which occurred late last month, was caught on camera by a passer-by.

“Three raccoons find a contactless delivery of Door Dash food before the people who ordered it,” the person who recorded the incident said on the YouTube posting of the video. “They seem to have enjoyed the nice hot meal.”

The man, who goes by the online name of DJ DTM, told BlogTO he and a friend tried to scare off the animals for “about 10 minutes” before giving up, concluding that the people who ordered the food had probably fallen asleep. He decided to record the raccoons stealing the meal and uploaded the 83-second video to YouTube and Reddit.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

But the incident actually started before the food was left on the porch, DJ DTM said.

“A raccoon was climbing on (the driver’s) bike and trying to climb into his delivery bag when his back was turned,” he told BlogTO. “We anticipated what was about to happen when they dropped the order off and took off before the people answered the door.”

With an uptick in food deliveries during the pandemic, no doubt it’s not the first time raccoons have dined out on someone else’s dime.


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