New study finds 42% would get under the covers with a robot

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Not exactly.

But a new study by Tidio, the makers of chatbots (a computer program simulating human conversation through voice commands or text chats), found 42% of those polled said they would have sex with a humanoid robot, reports British social media publisher

And the poll of just over 1,200 people found 39% felt they’d be able to have a romantic relationship with a non-sentient being.

As you might imagine, there was a different of opinion on this subject between the sexes.

When it came to the men, 48% wanted to sleep with robots and 43% thought they could actually fall in love with one.

Researchers also found men in general were twice as likely to trust Artificial Intelligence than women.

Further afield subject-wise, the study found nearly 69% of college graduates believed robots could either take their job or make it obsolete in the next few years, and 78% were convinced AI will be spreading misinformation.

Still, more than 45% thought positively about AI taking over the economy, while 60% said they would use a self-driving taxi during heavy traffic.

Tidio used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Reddit for the study with 55% male respondents and 45% female with an average age of 39 years old.

Those responding had to answer about 40 questions, which were mostly scale-based or multiple choice.


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