Russian cat making shocking impression on Instagram

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A grey cat with shocked green eyes from Russia is the latest social media sensation.

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Fedya, who has his own Instagram account — @Fedjakot — with 31,000 followers was found in his owners backyard in Rostov, according to British news agency SWNS.

Natalia Zhdanova says the kitty was only a week old and struggling to survive when she took him in, noticing the misaligned eyes created a permanently shocked expression.

“We’re not sure if it’s a genetic deformity or if he was dropped by his mum as a kitten,” Zhdanova told SWNS.

“Now he is much healthier. He is a very sweet, gentle, playful, and intelligent cat. He purrs very loudly.”

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The kitty, who is now a year and nine months old, was nursed back to health with the help of a neighbour’s cat, named Handsome, who came over daily.

“Handsome cleaned and licked Fedya and became like a father figure to him,” Zhdanova told SWNS.

Zhdanova, who makes educational books for children in Rostov, added: “He is inseparable with Handsome. They are the best of friends.”


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